Re-Gathering Roadmap

...I hope to come to you and talk face to face, so that our joy may be complete.2 John 12 In John’s second letter, the apostle expresses his deep desire to gather with his brothers and sisters in person to experience the joy of the fellowship of believers. Many of us have a new appreciation for … Read more about Re-Gathering Roadmap

GC Guide 10.21.18

Announcements 1. We are having a new members class on October 21st and 28th! They will be held at 10:00am in the center for contemporary arts. These classes are for anyone who have been attending the well for a while and want to learn more about our membership covenant. 2. We are also moving … Read more about GC Guide 10.21.18

Sunday Prep 4/8/18

Sermon Last week on Easter Sunday Austin led us out of our How To Talk To God series as we looked at Jesus' tender interaction with Thomas' doubts in John 20:24-29. This week we are beginning a new series called Mission: Light into Darkness!  Read Genesis 3. You probably know this passage of … Read more about Sunday Prep 4/8/18

Sunday Prep 3/11/18

Sermon: This week JR will be continuing our How To Talk To God series with Paul's prayer in Ephesians 3:14-21. It is a prayer for the church. Paul is letting us in on his greatest desire for the believers in Ephesus. Read the passage and take special note of what he is hoping for. What is the … Read more about Sunday Prep 3/11/18

Sunday Prep 2/4/18

Sermon: This Sunday we will be discussing the prayer of Jacob in Genesis 32:22-29. If you have a little extra time this week, take a look at Genesis 27:1-38. You may find the passage to be a familiar one if you grew up in church. It’s the story of how Jacob stole the blessing of his brother Esau … Read more about Sunday Prep 2/4/18

The Gospel?

What is the Gospel? Have you ever heard the phrase, “Preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary, use words”? The problem with this statement is that the gospel at it’s very core is news that to understand in full must be proclaimed with our words. In fact, the term “gospel” itself simply means … Read more about The Gospel?