Service Notes for 03/22/20

This week's worship service will be made available Sunday, March 22nd at 10:30am on the homepage of our church website. This document includes the lyrics of the songs for tomorrow's service, as well as a guide for corporate and personal prayer. Lastly, here are worksheets for your … Read more about Service Notes for 03/22/20

Canceled Services

Good Morning Church ,As you know, there has been so much information in the news about coronavirus and the rapid rate at which it seems to be spreading across the world. To date there are no confirmed cases in Abilene, but it’s fair to assume that at some point there will be. Because of … Read more about Canceled Services

Monitoring Coronavirus

Hey church, With all the recent news of Coronavirus, I wanted to send out an email and let you know about some of the precautions we are taking and the changes we were making as a community here at The Well.  We will be making a concerted effort to sanitize the meeting areas in our … Read more about Monitoring Coronavirus

GC Guide 6.2.19

Announcements The Well Training School- If you’re a college student and here for the summer!! We will have a class about studying scripture: What is it? How do we read it? How does it inform the way we interact with culture? Starting June 10th at 7 pm here at The Well. You can sign up on the app … Read more about GC Guide 6.2.19

GC Guide 3.10.19

Announcements Spring Break Schedule: Only the 8:45 and 10:00 services are available on March 17th! 3 services will resume on March 24th!Patten’s Mealtrain: We are so excited to welcome Rachel and Micah Patten’s new little baby Fletcher into the world! You can show them some love and sign up for … Read more about GC Guide 3.10.19