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As believers, we are called to live on mission as we interact with a broken world. 

Key Passage

Matthew 5:13-16


This is part of Jesus’ sermon on the mount (Matthew 5:1-7:27). In here Jesus describes his disciples by comparing them to salt and light. Salt and light have qualities that influence whatever they come into contact with. Like salt, disciples of Jesus are called to have the saltine qualities of preservation. Like light, disciples of Jesus are called to have the light quality of entering into dark spaces. As disciples of Jesus, we live under the tension of representing Jesus to a broken world by becoming all things to all people but also by abstaining from certain activities at times.  


– For you, what is one of the hardest things about living on mission?
– In the passage, Jesus warns listeners not to “lose their saltiness.” What does this mean? 
– What are some examples of Christians doing this? 
– How have you seen this in your own walk?
– Jesus also challenges his listeners not to hide their light from the darkness. What darkness is most obvious to you today?
– How can the church work to shine light in dark places?
– What does it look like for our GC to be a light for our corner of the world?

Prayer Activity

*Either in groups or as a whole*
Jesus called his twelve disciples, just as he calls us, to make disciples from all people (Matt 28:19). Following this call, Jesus promised that he would always be with us, even to the end of time (Matt 28:20). This is a comforting promise that we are not left on our own, but that the Spirit is ahead of us, working to reconcile all things back to the Father.

Take some time to pray for two things: 1) For the Lord to give us discernment as to how to engage in the lives of those around us. 2) Pray for the Lord to highlight people around us that we can pursue and be intentional with.