1. We are having a new members class on October 21st and 28th! They will be held at 10:00 am in the center for contemporary arts. These classes are for anyone who has been attending the well for a while and want to learn more about our membership covenant.

2. We are also moving back down to 3 services for the rest of the fall starting on October 21st.


This week’s guide will draw on themes from the passage. The questions and activity below should help your GC focus on walking in repentance as an essential aspect of discipleship.


Matthew 3:1-6


The narrative of Matthew’s gospel fast-forwards about 30 years into the future with the beginning of John the Baptist’s ministry. His message is simple, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Here, we get a snapshot of what John was wearing, what he was eating, and who was responding to his message- those who came out to his location in the wilderness to be baptized and confess their sins. This, Matthew explains, is all in fulfillment of Isaiah’s Old Testament prophecy of one who would foreshadow the Messiah. John the Baptist is called to act as the herald that will pave the way for Jesus’ coming ministry and message!


The Kingdom of Heaven

As we’ve learned from the introduction of Matthew, one of the main themes is Jesus as the promised King of the Jews.

How do you relate to Jesus as a King?
-How do you tend to view submission to other areas of authority in your life? Positively or negatively?
-How do you view submission to His rule within His Kingdom?


John’s message is the same as Jesus’ message, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

Repentance doesn’t just mean experiencing a sense of sorrow or conviction. Repentance means our entire life turning to God, and therefore a turning away from sin.

How does the coming of the kingdom of heaven relate to a call to repentance?

How are we, similar to John the Baptist, called to Harold in Jesus’ 2nd coming?
(Hint: Matthew 28:18-20)

When you share the whole good news with people in your life, how easy is it to also articulate the element of repentance?
-As a group, brainstorm ways to better articulate this essential aspect of the gospel.


Spend some time in prayer over you groups’ understanding and witnessing of the full message of the Gospel.
-Understanding: Pray that you would better understand the blessing of repentance and the nature of the Kingdom of Heaven
-Witnessing: Pray for specific names of people in your life who you desire to share the message of the gospel with! Pray for the Lord’s direction in that processes!