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Drawing on content from the passages and the sermon, this week’s guide will focus on these objectives:


  1. Making a space for Processing how the content of this passage spoke to everyone’s personal stories
  2. Focusing on God’s commitment to redeem His bride, the Church
  3. Praying into future redemption

Key Passages

Sermon: Matthew 5: 27-32

Jesus also references part of the Law found in Deuteronomy 24:1-4

Passage Summary

The introduction of Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount,” explained who the subjects of Jesus’ kingdom were and why they need true righteousness.

Now, in the following section, Jesus continues to provide specific examples of what life in his Kingdom looks like. He does this by showing what the Kingdom looks like in relation to The Law. In these next passages, he continues by talking about the Old Testament laws about adultery and divorce.

In Matthew 5: 27-30, Jesus shows how the 7th commandment, “You shall not commit adultery” (Ex 20:14), is a possible result of unrepentant lust. He explains how important it is to address the hidden sin of lust long before it has the opportunity to lead to adultery.

In Matthew 5:31-32, Jesus references the Old Testament law that allows for husbands to divorce their wives. Jesus is challenging the common attitude of flippantly finding reasons for divorce. He explains that remarrying after a divorce because of any reason other than sexual immorality causes both parties to commit adultery. In so doing, Jesus is shifting the focus of the conversation back to the sanctity of marriage covenants.

Sample Questions

  1. What does marriage symbolize?
  2. What is Jesus’ heart and purpose for marriage?
  3. Why do we speak of marriage in terms of a covenant and not a contract?
  4. How does Christ and the Church, function as an image of marriage?
  5. What role does community play in partnering towards restoration and reconciliation?

Suggested Responses

The topic of this week can be sensitive and personal. In discussing it, people can easily shut down because of shame and guilt. The way that we can respond to this week’s discussion is by inviting people into the good news of the gospel and into community. So break up into guys and girls, invite everyone to remember the gospel and seek ways to partner with the Holy Spirit in bringing redemption and restoration.

  1. How does this passage and discussion interact with your story? How do you see the Lord redeeming it? How can we partner with you in praying for redemption?
  2. How does the story of Jesus’ redemption of his church inform the way we can seek reconciliation in our marriages?
  3. Spend time praying that the Lord would protect and strengthen our families and marriages.


  1. GCs! We have another amazing opportunity to serve our friends at Lee Elementary! February 28th their campus will be hosting a Camp Lee Family Reading night. This is an opportunity where the school gets to reach out to the community and families at Lee and encourage reading. They will have several stations set up that night and are in need of a few items to be lent or donated for the event. It would be so helpful if you encouraged your GC to sign up through this link https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080f44abab29a2f85-camp Signup is due by Feb 15 and donations can be brought to the Well by Feb 26!
  2. College retreat: Hey we have a college retreat coming up February 23-24! Get connected with Santi and sign up on the app/ the form: https://thewellabilene.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/56/responses/new
  3. Women’s retreat: Ladies we are having a women’s retreat April 12-13th in Eastland, Tx, all women are invited! It is going to be an awesome time that’s focused on friendship and discipleship. You can sign up on the app or through this form: https://thewellabilene.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/60/responses/new
  4. Artists, Creatives, and even Non-Creatives, would you like to create something beautiful to enter in The Well’s first Holy Week Art Exhibition? This Exhibit will be a wonderful way to reflect on the beauty of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, by displaying a piece of artwork for both our church family and our Abilene community at large! If you are interested in signing up, fill out the form on the App or this form by March 29th:https://thewellabilene.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/55/responses/new  All ages are welcome to submit a piece!
  5. The Salmon’s GC is preparing and sharing a meal for our neighbors experiencing homelessness on March 10th. It is a GREAT way to get to meet people you wouldn’t meet any other way! If your GC is interested in helping out, please contact Claire Egliht at Claire.egliht@gmail.com or (512)909-5743