1. Premarital Class: Hey engaged couples and newly weds! We are starting a biblical foundations class on marriage this semester! It is free to sign up and wil be held during the 3rd service on Sundays starting Feb 24th! Sign up on the app or using this link:
  2. Lee Elementary Donations: GCs! We have almost all of the items we need to be collected for Lee’s Family Reading Night, BUT we still need a few more tents, picnic blankets, and graham crackers! It would be so helpful if you encouraged your GC to sign up through this link  Those items can be dropped off in Kelsie’s office upstairs at The Well by February 26th!
  3. Women’s retreat: Ladies we are having a women’s retreat April 12-13th in Eastland, Tx, all women are invited! It is going to be an awesome time that’s focused on friendship and discipleship. You can sign up on the app or through this form:
  4. Holy Week Art Exhibit: Artists, Creatives, and even Non-Creatives, would you like to create something beautiful to enter in The Well’s first Holy Week Art Exhibition? This Exhibit will be a wonderful way to reflect on the beauty of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, by displaying a piece of artwork for both our church family and our Abilene community at large! If you are interested in signing up, fill out the form on the App or this form by March 29th:  All ages are welcome to submit a piece!


  1. Understanding the nature of God’s love for all of his image bearers (the doctrine of common grace), and how that should manifest in the love extended from disciples of Jesus…even to those who oppose us.
  2. Discussing the gospel truths that combat self-obsession and preservation. Additionally, discusing what gospel truths free us up to love those who do not love us back?
  3. Creating space to share personal opportunities for loving one’s enemies, including the difficulties AND joys of this costly love.

Key Passages

Matthew 5:43-48

In this Passage, Jesus is referencing Luke 19:18

We are also looking at Luke 10:25-37, The Parable of the Good Samaritan


The introduction of Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount,” explained who the subjects of Jesus’ kingdom were and why they needed true righteousness.

Now, in the following section, Jesus continues to provide specific examples of what life in his Kingdom looks like. He does this by showing what the Kingdom looks like in relation to the Old Testament Law.

In 5:43-48 Jesus is referencing Leviticus 19:18, one of the fundamental messages of the whole Law: “you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” The Pharisees were teaching that a natural result of loving your own people was to hate your enemies. However, Jesus once again shows that true love is self-sacrificing and costly. Jesus points to God as our perfect example of giving this kind of costly love even to our enemies, as God himself has extended measures of grace and blessings for his image bearers who have rejected him time and time again.

So Jesus’ definition of love extends to both our neighbors and our enemies, just as God’s does.

Helpful Resources for Leaders

This text addresses a doctrine that theologians call “common grace.” Though you don’t need to use this term for your GC members to understand the concept, here is an article that might help your confidence in discussing this feature of God’s love:

Sample Questions

  • What does it look like for you to combat your natural instinct to hate those who do you wrong?
  • In what ways do we proclaim the gospel when we pray for those who persecute us?
  • What do we learn about God’s heart when he commands us to love our enemies?
  • In what ways is loving our enemies a call for mission?

Sample Responses

  • Spend some time praying for those your group might classify as “enemies” and pray that God would change your heart towards them.
  • Spend time praying that the Lord would make us outward focus and not exclusive in our love and communities.