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  1. Identifying and reflecting on Jesus’ Resurrection as “the lynchpin” of the Christian faith.
  2. Recognizing Jesus’ message that he was the fulfillment of the Old Testament.
  3. To encourage one another in our witness to the resurrection.

Key Passages

Luke 24


Some women who had prepared the customary post-burial ritual of placing spices on Jesus’ body came to his tomb at early dawn. However, what they found was an empty tomb and two men announcing the full revelation of the gospel for the first time, “He is not here, but has risen.” So the women took this news to share with the eleven apostles and the remaining disciples who did not believe them. However, Peter ran to the tomb to see for himself, only to find an empty tomb and Jesus’ burial linens.

In the meantime, Jesus came to two disciples as they were traveling to the village Emmaus, but they did not recognize him. Jesus went through the entire Old Testament, showing them how it all pointed to the Messiah. It wasn’t until they arrived in town though and Jesus broke bread that they realized who he was.

Finally, Jesus appeared to all of his disciples together in Jerusalem and showed them the scars of his hands and feet. He then continued to help the group understand how he and his resurrection were the fulfillment of the entire Old Testament.

The entire book of Luke concludes with Jesus blessing His disciples as he ascended into Heaven. Their response was to worship him and bless God.

Sample Questions

Feel free to use or reword the questions below that you think will be most helpful to meet the objectives above. Remember, these questions should ultimately cultivate discussion of ways to respond to or apply what the Holy Spirit has revealed to us through Scripture.

  • How did Jesus’ resurrection prove his reign of love to the disciples? How does it prove his reign of love to us today?
  • Austin explained Jesus’ resurrection as “the lynchpin of the Christian faith.” What place did the resurrection play in your own belief in the gospel?
  • How should the fact that Mary Magdalene was one of the first witnesses of the resurrection influence our confidence in witnessing to the resurrection?

Sample Responses

Either in smaller groups or as a whole GC:

  • Re-read Luke 24 as a group and worship God for His resurrection power!
  • Then brainstorm practical rhythms of our life in which you can continue to point yourself and others to His Resurrection power!