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“Bridges” is a class that will help you learn how to reach out and love your Muslim neighbor. Bridges is starting next Sunday, and will be held during the 10 am service at the Center for Contemporary Arts (next door to The Well)

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Matthew 1:18-25


This passage describes Joseph’s perspective when learning of Mary’s pregnancy. After learning that Mary was pregnant, Joseph, desiring to save her some embarrassment, decides to divorce her quietly. Before he was able to follow through with the divorce, an angel came to David and told him how she came to be pregnant by the Spirit. Through the angel, David learns the name of his son and his purpose. David believed the angel and did as he was told.


This week’s guide will draw on themes from the passage. The questions and activity below should help your GC focus on Delighting in Obedience as an essential aspect of discipleship.


**Read the passage together before beginning the discussion**
Take a look at verse 18 and 19. Why did Joseph choose to “divorce her quietly”? What might he have been afraid of?
Consider the Angel’s message to Joseph in his dream. How do you think you would have responded to this dream?
In verses 24 & 25, the scriptures tell us that Joseph chose to trust the Lord even in a difficult situation.
What things or people do you typically put your trust in when you are in a difficult situation?
Why do we sometimes find it difficult to trust God?


One of the ways we can be encouraged to put our trust in God is by looking at who the Bible says God is. The Scriptures reveal to us the trustworthy character of God which can stir our hearts to Delight in Obedience to him even in difficult times.

Instructions: Consider printing off the following list of characteristics of God and sharing them with your entire group (or you can share this URL with them). Encourage everyone to take some time to look at the list on their own, thinking about the ways these characteristics of God should inform our trust in Him. Once enough time has passed, have a few people share which characteristic of God stands out to them as right motivation for delightfully trusting and obeying the Lord. If time permits, allow them to describe why they chose that characteristic and/or read the accompanying passages.

Eternal: God is not limited by and exists outside of time.
Psalms 90:2

Faithful: God always keeps his promises.
1 Corinthians 1:9

Good: God is what is best and gives what is best. He is incapable of doing harm.
Romans 11:22

Incomprehensible: God is beyond our understanding. We can comprehend Him in part but not in whole.
Isaiah 40:28

Just: God is fair in all His actions and judgments. He cannot over-punish or under-punish.
Job 34:12

Merciful: God does not give His children the punishment they deserve.
Ephesians 2:4-5

Transcendent: God is not like humans. He is infinitely higher in being and action.
Isaiah 55:8-9


Spend some time in prayer together as a group. Specifically, consider taking turns praising God in prayer for who he is.