Studying the Bible can be difficult when you don’t know where to start! Here are some great resources to help you get a variety of approaches people take to getting started. Below you’ll find books, tools, and online resources that we recommend checking out. Please don’t feel the pressure to use all of them, but hopefully you’ll find something here that will uniquely assist you in your endeavors to know Scripture more!

Online resources


The Bible Project: How to Read the Bible

The Bible Project is a great resource when studying any book of the Bible, but they also have a fantastic How to Read the Bible video series that gives a great big picture approach to Scripture. This is a great place to start if you’re a visual learner.


The Village Church Videos


A few brief articles by John Piper on studying Scripture

Books on studying Scripture


Women of the Word

By Jen Wilkin

Don’t be fooled! This short and easy read isn’t just for women. Although Wilkin writes to a female audience, the content is just as applicable to men. This book walks you through many traps that we fall into when approaching Scripture incorrectly, all the while explaining a better way. If you’ve been frustrated with opening your Bible and feel like you’re “doing it wrong” this is a great book to pick up.

Living By the Book: The Art and Science of Reading the Bible

By Hendricks & Hendricks

Living By the Book is a practical book (and there’s a workbook and video series available too!) that walks the reader through the common practices of reading Scripture. Hendricks uses the OIA method, but has a lot of great content for readers who don’t intend to follow a strict method in particular. In addition to OIA, Hendricks maps out how to read Scripture by explaining strategies to reading well. This book is full of many great tips on engaging any text, but specifically approaching Scripture.

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth

By Gordon Fee

This book has become a classic over the last few decades. If you are curious about differing translations, to different genres used in Scripture, this book is for you! Fee will help you understand the greater story of Scripture that is brought together by a diverse group of writings, all inspired and God-breathed.

How to Read the Bible in Changing Times: Understanding and Applying God’s Word Today

By Mark L. Strauss

This is another great book on how to interpret and apply Scriptures as it answers the question, “How can words written thousands of years ago in different times and cultures apply to us today?” Strauss encourages the reader to (1) determine the meaning of the original text, (2) Analyze cultural features, (3) Discern what the whole Bible teaches about God, and (4) Apply these truths to everyday life. This book is designed to connect your everyday to the deep truths of the Bible by studying it correctly.


Tools to use when studying Scripture


Commentaries/Study Bibles

Bible Searching Tools
Bible Dictionaries/Lexicons