1. Students! Our intern applications for the spring semester are now open! If you are interested in an internship with us to learn more about gospel-centered ministry then apply now on the app! The applications will close on Dec 5th.

2. Also students, if you are interested in going on the Summer Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic, there will be an interest meeting on Sunday, December 9th at 10:00. Email for more information!

3. Gospel Community groups will be on break for the holiday season from December 9th-January 12th.

Key Passage

Psalm 8


This Psalm of David begins and ends by reflecting on the Lord’s unmatchable majesty!
In between this reflection of God’s majestic name, David reflects on the nature of mankind and the entire universe. These realities can only be understood in light of God’s own character.

Possible Discussion Themes

1) You are welcome to spend some time in discussion on the nature of God, humans, and the universe as portrayed by Psalm 8? (Ex. What are the implications of God’s majestic name as described in Psalm 8? In light of what this text says about God’s nature, how can we understand our nature as humans? The nature of the universe?)

2) This week is the first week of the month of Advent, which comes from a Latin word meaning “coming.” It is the time in which we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus as well as his second coming.
As a group, this week you might spend some time in discussion on what it looks like to prepare for Christ’s coming as a church family.

3) You might also take some time to talk about who everyone will be spending Christmas with. Spending time with family can be full of joy and needed rest! However, for some, it can be an extremely difficult time in which deep-seated relational conflict between friends or family members tends to be resurfaced. Also, many people’s families might include both believers and non-believers.

We recommend spending some time getting to know the nature of everyone’s Christmas plans this year and ending in prayer over specifics (such as non-believing family members or stressful relational dynamics). We also recommend planning on following up about everyone’s Christmas after you return from the GC break- the week of January 13th-19th.