Read Matthew 1:1-17


This opening passage of Matthew’s Gospel is what it appears to be: a genealogy. Matthew uses these verses to list “all the generations” from Abraham to Christ. While modern readers might initially skip over such a long list of names, the list actually sets the stage for the most important story in all of history. Among these names, we find the corrupt, the broken, the wicked, the shamed, the powerless and the voiceless. Matthew uses this scandalous list of people to set the stage for the coming of the King of kings.


Drawing on the passage and sermon, this week’s GC Guide will encourage people to step into one of the essentials of discipleship: Walking in Repentance.


Why do we tend to focus on these individual’s perceived righteousness rather than their failure?

How does it change our view of Christianity when we see people in the Bible as “super-heroes” rather than seeing them as sinners like us?

Suggested Activity:

Ask your GC to break up into groups of men and women. Each group will then walk through the passage and questions below before closing in prayer. Consider printing these instructions out so that they are available for each group.

Cross Reference:

Let’s look at someone from the genealogy who had a clear need for repentance.

Read 2 Samuel 12:1-15


Why are we tempted to hide our sin?

What masks do you tend to hide behind?

Gospel Application:

Read 2 Corinthians 5:17-21

Based on this text, what have we become through Christ?

Why would our new identity in Christ free us to repentance?


We would encourage you to spend some time in prayer on behalf of one another. Pray that we would feel freed up to walk in repentance and embrace our new identity of righteousness.