At the Well, you will hear the word “gospel” a lot. The gospel is at the center of everything we do, teach, and believe. It is what informs us to live together in community as a local church, as well as on mission to spread its good news to all nations. Because it is so central to who we are as disciples of Jesus Christ, we wanted to share some of our absolute favorite resources that all uniquely communicate its beauty and power.

The Gospel Basics

What Is the Gospel?

By Greg Gilbert

Through his study of scripture, primarily the books of Romans and Acts, Gilbert seeks to break down the Gospel message into its most simple elements of “God, man, Christ and response.” This book really focuses on the clarity of the Gospel’s chore as presented in scripture, as well as our response to it.



The Explicit Gospel

by Matt Chandler with Jared Wilson

Do you feel like the word “gospel” has been used a lot and in many different ways? Do you feel like it has mostly been assumed that you understand the fullness of its meaning? Matt Chandler and Jared Wilson go to extreme lengths in this book not to assume what you already know, but to present the gospel in an explicit manner. They do so by presenting the parts that make it up, the micro and macro angles it can be viewed from, and the implications and applications for which the gospel should have on our lives.



Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith

by Michael Reeves

If you are truly trying to gain a perspective of the central character of the gospel, you will find that it is God, not man. In this small book, Michael Reeves brilliantly helps us to understand one of the most essentials doctrines of the christian faith- who God is, why He loves, and how you can only understand those answers through the Trinity.



Prodigal God: Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith

by Timothy Keller

If you’ve grown up in any culture that values scripture, you’ve probably heard the parable of the Prodigal Son. Keller uses this parable to lay out the essentials of the gospel, and therefore introduce the essentials of the christian faith. Keller makes sure to focus on both the older and younger sons in a surprising perspective that reveals God’s prodigal grace toward both the irreligious and the moralistic.



Gospel Fluency: Speaking the Truths of Jesus into the Everyday Stuff of Life

by Jeff Vanderstelt

Have you grown up learning or feeling like the Gospel’s significance stopped once you professed a saving faith in it? Vanderstelt proclaims that the Gospel is everything to followers of Jesus, especially after conversion! Its message can even be found in the “everyday stuff of life.” Similar to learning a new language, Vanderstelt explains that when we begin to look for the Gospel at the center of our faith and life, we will grow in “Gospel Fluency,” seeing its good news everywhere!



The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ

by Ray Ortlund

Do you ever wonder how it’s possible that so many churches that may preach the gospel don’t seem to actually live or love in a way that reflects this good news? If the Church really is God’s chosen means by which the work of Christ is made known, then this common misalignment of word and deed is dangerous at least. In Ortlund’s own words, this book is about “how the gospel can shape the life and culture of our churches so that they portray Christ’s own character, according to this gospel.”


Gospel Narrative


The Bible Project

The Bible Project’s videos vary in structure, yet they all aim to reveal the Bible as one unified story from beginning to end. They have created visual commentaries on each book of the Bible’s unique design and how they individually fit into that overall story. Also, they have created theme videos of major themes that flow throughout scripture, as well as other series that help shed light on the Gospel Narrative. The Bible Project videos are all free on youtube, as well as on their website and Bible reading-plan app.



The History of Redemption

The content of this book was originally memorized and shared as a sermon at Austin Stone Church. It consists of nothing but scripture from all over the Bible that when read together helps identify the story of grace and redemption that makes up the grand narrative of scripture. Whether read with its stunning illustrations or used to memorize scripture, this book is a wonderful tool for processing the biblical history of redemption.

Jesus Storybook Bible

by Sally Lloyd-Jones

This children’s Bible is unique beyond its breathtaking illustrations. It helps children and families to see how every story in all of scripture “whispers” the name of Jesus.  This story isn’t just profound for children, but for all ages hoping to see how the grand narrative of scripture points to Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.



The Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook

Gospel Project Curriculum

This Bible Storybook is a compilation of the curriculum the Well has used to take their elementary students through the whole Bible! Its aim is to connect children to Christ throughout God’s whole story all the way from Genesis to Revelation. It’s goal is similar to the Jesus Storybook Bible, except that it is much more detailed, covering more passages. This is also a fantastic resource to use for family discussion over the Bible through each story’s “Big Picture Question” and “Big Picture Answer.”


The Drama of Scripture: Finding Our Place in the Biblical Story

by Craig G. Bartholomew and Michael W. Goheen

Bartholomew and Goheen originally teamed up to write this book as an ideal introduction for first year college students’ study of scripture, making it a great book for beginning students of the Bible. It helps take readers through the major sweeping narrative of God’s Kingdom, as it is established, fallen, and then redeemed through Christ.