Knowing About God Teaches Us How to Talk With God

We just started a sermon series called “How to Talk to God” where we are walking through passages of scripture that show God’s people having conversations with God, from which we are pulling application for our personal prayer lives.  Last week we looked at Abraham’s interaction with God in Genesis … Read more about Knowing About God Teaches Us How to Talk With God

Sunday Prep 1/28/18

Sermon: “Love compels us to relationship and a loving relationship necessitates communication.” With this idea in mind, we should be asking ourselves how a person effectively communicates with the God of the universe? To answer this question we are starting a 10 week series this Sunday called “How … Read more about Sunday Prep 1/28/18

Sunday Prep 1/14/18

Sermon: This Sunday we will be going through the entire book of Philemon. This letter is written by Paul and Timothy to their Christian friend Philemon. They are writing on account of Philemon's bondservant, Onesimus, who ran away and is now marked as a fugitive, but wound up in Rome where he … Read more about Sunday Prep 1/14/18