1. We will be having a members meeting on October 21st up at the church at 4:00. This includes all members as well as those who consider this to be their church home that have not yet had the time or opportunity to go through our members process. We will be providing an update about our building location! Childcare and dinner provided!

2. We are having a new members class on October 21st and 28th! They will be held at 10:00 am in the center for contemporary arts. These classes are for anyone who has been attending the well for a while and want to learn more about our membership covenant.

3. We are also moving back down to 3 services for the rest of the fall starting on October 21st.

4. We are so happy to welcome the Sojourner’s new baby girl into the world, Ella Myers! If you would like to bless the Sojourner’s with a meal during this time, you can sign up for their meal train here!


This week’s guide will draw on themes from the passage. The questions and activity below should help your GC focus on walking in repentance as an essential aspect of discipleship.


Matthew 3:7-10


As John the Baptist continues his ministry of preaching and baptism, we see some more Jewish characters enter the scene- Pharisees and Sadducees. John wastes no time in calling out the danger of where they have placed their trust for their right standing with God- that is in their Jewish heritage.


Look up some primary characteristics of Pharisees and Sadducees. How might they use these characteristics to justify their right standing with God instead of repenting?

What are some things you find yourself justifying your salvation in, instead of trusting in Christ alone?
Ex. your own righteousness, successes, your church attendance record, family heritage, etc?

How does this passage further inform your understanding of God’s design for repentance?


Either in smaller groups or all together, spend some time repenting of things other than Jesus that you tend to trust in to gain right standing with God. Pray that the Lord would increase your trust in the exclusivity of Christ’s ability to save and sanctify.