1. The 2nd half of the New Membership Class is postponed until November 4th! It will still be at 10:00 am in the Center for Contemporary Arts. These classes are for anyone who has been attending the well for a while and want to learn more about our membership covenant. See the Well Abilene App for more details!

2. The 5th annual Chili Cook-Off is November 4th at 5pm! Head out to the Flying T Ranch with your best batch of chili for a night of food, friends, and friendly competition! All are welcome! Chili cook-off shirts will be selling for $15; all of the proceeds will be donated to the IRC for their Thanksgiving meals.

3. Parents Night Out is coming up on November 9th! $5 per child to cover their dinner (no more than $15 necessary if you have more than 3 kiddos). Register your kiddos on The Well Abilene App under “Forms.”


This week’s guide will draw on themes from the passage. The questions and activity below should help your GC focus on walking in repentance as an essential aspect of discipleship.

Key Passage

Matthew 3:10-17


In contrast to where the Pharisees and Sadducees place their faith, John reveals that there is a different kind of justification that all people, including the jews, will need in order to withstand the fire of judgment. This justification seems to be every person’s need for a baptism with the Holy Spirit. Matthew uses the imagery of separating grain from chaff to urge the importance of true repentance and trust in Jesus Christ, connecting to the role of this baptism in the Holy Spirit.

This is followed with Jesus’ own baptism with water which seems to be for the purpose of fulfilling “all righteousness.” The very heavens respond to His baptism by opening, the Spirit of God descending on the Son, and the Father proclaiming with a mighty voice the identity of his son!


John highlights an important reality- that the gospel is a message that reveals not only God’s extravagant mercy but also his wrath against sin.
How did the arrival of the kingdom point to the nearness of both salvation and damnation?

How does this passage further inform your understanding of God’s design for repentance?
How does it further inform your understanding of what baptism points to?

Suggested Activity

Take some time to share any personal experiences with “hellfire and brimstone” preaching, whether they were helpful or seemingly harmful.
What ultimately made it seem harmful?
What is the necessity in delivering such a difficult truth?
What are some ways in which to make your delivery seem as loving and merciful as it actually is?

Break up into groups of 2-3 and practice articulating the message of the gospel, including the reality of an eternal life without hope in Jesus Christ. If you feel comfortable, help each other brainstorm more direct, personal, or loving language and ways in which to share this message.


JR discussed how John’s message of repentance and baptism was right, but that only Jesus’ baptism of the holy spirit could empower the actual fullness of repentance necessary to place trust in Christ.

Either in groups or all together, take some time to pray over the people in your life who you would love to explain the message of the gospel to. Then take some time to pray that the Spirit would empower a turning away from their old idols and a turning to Christ for their source of hope.