Classes: We have some classes that have just started, but it’s not too late to get involved with them! You can sign up for all of our classes on the Well Abilene app!

-Our first class is Well 101 which is led by our elders as they take a look at The Well’s Gospel-Centered philosophy of ministry. Well 101 meets at 10:00am in the center for contemporary arts. **This is not the New Members class**

-Our college class also meets at 10:00am in the center for contemporary arts and is walking through the story of the prodigal son.

-“Bridges” is a class that will help you learn how to reach out and love your Muslim neighbor. Bridges is held during the 10:00am service at the Center for Contemporary Arts.

-Lastly, we have our men’s bible study which is going through Ezra and Nehemiah. Our men’s Bible study meets at 6:30 am on Thursdays.


Matthew 2:1-12


This passage describes the mysterious “wise men’s” journey of following a star that led them to Jesus. After King Herod heard of their intentions, he did some research on the prophecies about where the “King of the Jews” would be born. After learning that the child would be born in Bethlehem, Herod met with the wise men and attempted to get them to share their information. After the wise men discovered the location of the child, they responded by rejoicing, falling down in worship, and giving valuable gifts to Jesus. Warned in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they found another route to return home.


This week’s guide will draw on themes from the passage. The questions and activity below should help your GC focus on Living in Worship as an essential aspect of discipleship.


**Read the passage together before beginning the discussion. Remember, you are not required to get through all of the questions in the discussion. Feel free to take a look at the guide before your GC meets, and adapt it to the needs of your group.**

-In verse 1, Matthew tells us that the men are “from the east.” Why do you think Matthew included their origin?
-In verse 2, the wise men are looking for the “king of the Jews” so that they can “come to worship him” and in verse 8, Herod asks that the wise men let him know when they find the child so that he too “may come and worship him.”
-What do you think was motivating the worship of the wise men? What was motivating Herod?
-What are some reasons, good and bad, that you think people claim to worship Jesus?

Compare and Contrast

Have someone in the group read the following passages:
Genesis 22:15-18

Revelation 7:9-12

One of these promises is for Abraham that was received before Jesus’s time, and one is a promise for the Church that was received after Jesus’ death and resurrection.

-What can we conclude about God’s ultimate desire for all nations?
-How do both of these verses point to Jesus?
-How do each of these verses, along with the wise men’s reaction to Jesus’ birth, reveal to us a proper response to the faithfulness of God?
-How do all of these passages make you want to respond?

Prayer Activity

This week, take some time to pray that all the nations might come to know Jesus so that we may join together as God’s people who eternally respond to him in worship!

Consider splitting into groups of 3-4. Suggest that everyone in your group pray for specific people groups. If your folks need some help coming up with a group to pray for, suggest that they choose from The Joshua Project’s list of the 100 largest unreached people groups in the world.

100 Largest Unreached People Groups