If you would like to listen to the teaching on Genesis 1:24-2:25, you can purchase the session here! Make sure to select “Session 4.”

You can find written notes of session four here!

Also, enjoy another opportunity to walk through the map of the Holy Lands with Kara!

*Note: for higher clarity, go to the “settings” gear at the bottom right of the youtube screen and make sure the “quality” is at its highest*


If you would like to take some next steps in personal study of the Holy Lands, we recommend starting with the maps in your ESV Study Bible, or the ESV Concise Bible Atlas!

Enjoy a few Bible Project videos that specifically trace some of the major themes of the week throughout the complete narrative of Scripture!

Again,  In His Image by Jen Wilkin is one you want to have, especially in light of this week’s passage!

The book giveaway this week was The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross by Carl Laferton. It is a beautiful, concise depiction of the gospel, not only for children but also for adults!


Enjoy a Spotify playlist with songs that capture themes of Genesis chapters 1-11!

[spotifyplaybutton play=”https://open.spotify.com/user/1jjhmy4hzv6zmkn0h0p10wx6h/playlist/03lqGOONQFZccKk5RU6I04″/]