If you would like to listen to the teaching on Genesis 3, you can purchase the session here! Make sure to select “Session 5.”

You can find a written outline of session 5 here!

Let Randalyn walk you through a simple yet powerful act of prayerful repentance once again! Our hope is that this activity will not only provide some helpful guidance in praying to God about sin and choosing to meditate on Truth but will also be a continued opportunity for conversation and confession amongst a Christ-centered community in your life!

*A special thanks to Beltway Freedom Ministry for the free access to the Kingdom Chart*



The book giveaway this week was Recovering Redemption by Matt Chandler and Michael Snetzer! This is an amazing resource for identifying and fleeing from the very core of sin struggles in your life! 

Enjoy a few Bible Project videos that specifically trace some of the major themes of the week throughout the complete narrative of Scripture!


Enjoy a Spotify playlist with songs that capture themes of Genesis chapters 1-11!

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