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You can find a written outline of session 6 here!

In response to Cain’s curse to roam the earth as “a fugitive and a wanderer”, we watched how the Bible Project traces the theme of exiles throughout the grand narrative of Scripture.

As Sarah McLean pointed out, there are many physical wanders, sojourners, and exiles in the city of Abilene.

Because of the college and military population, as well as the geographical location, many people come to Abilene with a transitional mindset instead of planning to plant roots here long-term.

Because we are all spiritual fugitives and wanderers on this earth because of sin, we can relate to all people! As children of God, we have a unique opportunity to point others to the hope of a better home that we have because of Christ, and we have the opportunity to offer radical hospitality by inviting others into our physical and church home!

As a church family, the Well particularly loves serving the IRC- International Rescue Committee. This is a very practical and tangible way to show hospitality in our cultural context to the refugee community in Abilene. You can learn more about the IRC and how to help here!


The book giveaway this week was The Biggest Story: How The Snake Crusher Brings Us Back To The Garden by Kevin DeYoung


Enjoy other Bible Project videos that specifically trace some of the major themes of the week throughout the complete narrative of Scripture!


Enjoy a Spotify playlist with songs that capture themes of Genesis chapters 1-11!

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