GC Leaders,

Here is the Worship Guide for this Sunday’s worship.

Each week we want to provide with a resource that helps give context to some of the simple practices we do corporately when we gather. Last week we talked about the Call to Worship. This week our topic will be corporate confession. Attached below is an article on why it is important to confess our sins together regularly.

John Witlivet on Confession

It is so important that we learn to become a people who confess our brokenness individually as well as congregationally. 

As we learn to be a confessing people the Lord disarms us from feeling the need to come to him with our act together but instead to trust that we can run to Him in our brokenness, sin & time of need as Hebrews 4 tells us. The beauty of being able to more freely admit our brokenness produces a humility that allows us to enjoy the vast & overwhelming grace that has been given us in Christ Jesus. We desire to be a church who not only does this on Sunday but allows this rhythm to mark everyday. We come to God with the real us- and he receives us with open arms & is committed to transforming us more & more into the image of Christ.

Do not feel pressure to do this in your group this week but we have attached a few corporate prayers & one corporate confession that would be great ways to confess brokenness while asking for the Lord to come and change us. If any of them feels like a good fit feel free to do them in your time of worship this Sunday. If not thats totally fine.

Psalm 63

A Disciples Renewal

Merciful God Confession

Acts Confession

Preparation Checklist

If your GC met this week, you might have a better idea of what worshiping with your unique group of people will look like. In order to help you prepare for this week, here is a list of possible preparations you might think through again before Sunday. However, it is important to note that every group is worshiping together in a similar yet unique way, as the people that make up each of our Gospel Community Groups are unique.

We want you to feel freedom to lead your group. So if you want to sing more/less songs than we have listed or want to spend extended time in prayer or discussion we are more than happy for you to do that. Therefore, not all of the following preparation items will or should apply to you.

  • Think through how you can best follow The Well’s GC Safety Guidelines this week.
  • Share this week’s worship guide– either by printing it out or sending it to your group digitally.
  • Delegate or prepare to Read this week’s Scripture Passage- Psalm 100
  • Delegate or prepare the elements and presentation of Communion. A simple way to guide your group through taking the elements is by reading Matthew 26:26-29.
  • Delegate or prepare worship through song. A list of this week’s recommended songs are provided below.
  • Gather your Sunday Activity Box provided by The Well Kids- or any other ideas for engaging the children in your GC.

Songs for Worship

1. Steadfast

Steadfast Chords

2. Christ Above All

Christ Above All Audio

Christ Above All Lyrics

Christ Above All Chords

Christ Above All Numbers Chart

3. Man of Sorrows

Man of Sorrows Audio

Man of Sorrows Lyrics

Man of Sorrows Numbers Chart

Man of Sorrows Chords- D

Man of Sorrows Chords- E

Other Resources

Simple Communion Bread Recipe

Why We Need the Call to Worship by Zac Hicks