GC and Worship Leaders, we want to thank you for leading our Church in such a unique season of getting to worship in more intimate settings. We know that these first weeks of organizing your Gospel Community’s worship gathering might feel intimidating. However, we hope that some of the resources below, as well as freely available assistance from leadership, will help direct and encourage you in getting started.

Cling to the Vision of Worship

Before you get started with anything else, we encourage you to check out this article in order to teach and remind yourself of the vision for worshiping together as the people of God.

Why We Need the Call to Worship by Zac Hicks

Follow Safety Guidelines

You should have received a care package from our Deacons with some goodies to help you practice wise social distancing within your GC Gatherings.

We also encourage you to read this document so that you can openly discuss these safety guidelines with your GC members. This will allow you to find a solution that is comfortable for all attendees.

GC Safety Guidelines

As an important feature of these safety guidelines, we will ask someone in your group to take attendance for all worship gatherings. You will receive a google doc link for this from leadership.

Share the Worship Guide

This document contains all of the Scripture and Lyrics that your GC will need to participate in the worship content that all members of The Well will use.

June 7th Worship Guide

So before your gathering, we encourage you to have a copy of this document either emailed or printed out for every member of your GC to have access to.

Delegate Scripture Reading & Communion

While you are welcome to lead your GC in the Call to Worship and Communion sections of the gathering, you might also like to delegate these responsibilities out to other members of your GC.

The Call to Worship this Sunday is a reading from Psalm 8.

For whoever is guiding your Gospel Community to take the elements of The Lord’s Supper, you might encourage them to either read or use Matthew 26:26-29 as a guide.

For future weeks when the communion elements are not provided, you can also delegate the responsibility of purchasing or preparation of these elements. Here is a recipe for simple communion bread.

Prepare Worship Through Song

Meeting within GCs for Sunday worship gatherings allows for a special intimacy of worship, especially through song. While you are welcome to use the pre-recorded worship videos below, we would encourage you to delegate the actual leading of worship to one or more musicians in your GC.

Below are a variety of resources to help you delegate worship with two songs that we hope all of our GC’s will sing together this Sunday.

Song #1- Build My Life

Build My Life Lyrics

Build My Life Chords

Build My Life Numbers Chart

Song # 2- His Mercy Is More

His Mercy Is More Lyrics

His Mercy Is More Chords