Hey Guys!

We will start the Men’s and Women’s Ruth Bible Study will start the week of April 5-11. The goal of this study is to allow participation at various capacities.

In addition to reading the book of Ruth, we also suggest the following resources. How involved you choose to be will determine which resources you’ll need.

David Platt’s Sermons on The Book of Ruth – God’s Epic Tale of Redemption

The Well’s “A Common Life” Podcast

Sinclair Ferguson’s Exposition of Ruth – “Faithful God”

ESV Journaling Bible – Ruth

You’ll have the option of participating in one or more of the following ways:

  • Read Ruth on your own and connect however possible (with a spouse/friend/GC member).
  • Watch/Listen to the David Platt Sermons (linked above)
  • Listen to The Well’s “A Common Life” podcast featuring conversations about Ruth with some of our Men’s and Women’s Bible Study Leaders
  • Purchase and use Sinclair Ferguson’s Exposition on Ruth (linked above) and/or the ESV Journaling Bible (linked above)
  • Participate in the Zoom Open Discussion Video Calls with some of our Bible Study Leaders (we will announce the timing of these and give links as the study gets closer)

We are looking forward to getting started in Ruth with you guys and hope that you’ll be able to join us in one (or more) of these ways!

The Men & Women’s Bible Study Team