Hi Parents!

To take a look at what we are learning for the month in Kids Ministry, I encourage you to go back to our post from last week. Here you will find our story, verse, and theme of God’s character explained for you so that you can talk more with your children at home about what they are learning!

This week we did an object lesson that included a sheet that represented the water and a boat that was on top of the sheet. Your child got to help hold onto a part of the sheet, and they all created a scenario in which there was a “storm” by moving the sheet around and blowing to make wind from the story of when Jesus calmed the storm.

After we got to have some fun with our “storm”, we talked about how Jesus is in control of everything. He is in control of all things in our lives, and when we are hurting or having a hard time with what is going on around us, we can go to Jesus and He will listen to us and take care of our hearts. We know that Jesus is in control, and we can trust that He will take care of all of the “storms” going on around us.

Ask your child this week, “Who is in control? Yes! Jesus is in control.” and “Who will always take care of us and keep us safe when things going on around us may seem scary? Jesus will take care of us and keep us safe because He is in control!”

We hope that these questions will spur on further conversations between you and your child about how Jesus is in control of everything and we can put our trust in Him!