Hey parents!

As you know, we are studying the story of Jonah this month, and our verse is found in Jonah 2:2 and says, “I called out to The Lord and He answered me.” Here are the hand motions we learned for the verse!

“I called out [Cup hands around mouth]
To the Lord [Point up]
And He answered me” [Point to self]
Jonah 2:2 [Hold hands like The Bible]

This week for their craft, your child made a “megaphone” that helps them call out to The Lord! They were able to decorate it and make it their own during Kids Ministry. Our hope for this craft is that your child would begin to grasp the concept of talking to God and knowing that He IS listening and responding to us. We would encourage you to expand on the idea of talking to God in the good times AND difficult times, just as Jonah did in the belly of the fish.

Ask your child this week, “When we call out to God, does He hear us?” Gently guide them to understand that even though we can’t see him, “God is everywhere!” (our theme of the month), and because He is everywhere, He always hears us! We hope that this “megaphone” will help to be a tangible representation of talking with The Father this week.

Enjoy your week!