Hey Parents!

As we wrap up this month of Jonah, we hope that you all have been able to have conversations this month about how “God is everywhere!” and that when we call out to God, He WILL answer us!

Last week’s blog post talked about our Gospel Tie of the month, and we would encourage you to talk constantly about how the story of Jonah points us to a better and greater story of Jesus. Jesus is the greater and better Jonah, and our focus is to tie every story in scripture back to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

As you go home this week, ask your child about the verse they learned this month that is found in Jonah 2:2! If you go back to previous posts you can see the hand motions we learned with the verse so that you can also practice with your child. Ask them questions about how God is everywhere. Say to them, “Is God in only one place all of the time? Or is God with ALL people at ALL times?”

Then talk about the Gospel Tie and ask them, “Who does the story of Jonah point us to? It points us to Jesus! Jesus is the greater and better Jonah that we learned about in our Bibles. And you know what? Jesus loved us so much that He came to save us, because our hearts are broken and sinful, and we cannot be with God on our own. We need Jesus, and He loves us SO much that He died on the cross to save us from our own sin!”

We are grateful for the opportunity to spend time with your children every week and treasure time spent with them! Have a great week!