For the month of September, our nursery aged kids are focusing on


Our theme of the month is

“God is everywhere!”

Our verse of the month is

“I called upon the Lord and he answered me.” Jonah 2:2

Throughout the month we will have blog posts to continue your conversation with your kiddos at home.

This week in Kid’s Ministry your child participated in an object lesson as we discussed our theme of the month, “God is everywhere!” In class this week, we blew bubbles all around the kiddos and let them pop them. We discussed with them that just like how the bubbles fall all around you, God is also all around you and EVERYWHERE! Even though we can’t see him or touch him, he is ALWAYS there with us.

This week as you go home with your child, have simple discussions about how God is in every single place! Ask them as you are eating dinner at home, “Is God here with us at the table?” or when you go to the grocery store, “Is God here at the grocery store with us?” If your child is older and you want to go even a little deeper, ask questions about where God is in places you are NOT. For example, if you are at the library, ask your child, “Is God also at our house right now while he is with us here at the library?” Although it might seem out of their reach, we would strongly encourage you to ask them these questions to learn these foundational truths about our Good Father. Our

God is a God who is omnipresent and he is alive EVERYWHERE.

We are thankful for the opportunity and privilege we have to be with your children every week! The time spent with them is treasured, so thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s life.
Have a great week of going deeper with your little ones as you talk about how “God is Everywhere!”