Here is the Worship Guide for this Sunday’s worship.

Leaders, if you haven’t gotten a chance to look at it yet, we just want to remind you of a resource made available to our whole church: a list of Racial Justice Resources. If you are feeling lead to engage in prayer, conversation, or education on this topic to care for your people, we hope that this resource will find itself to be helpful.

And as always, please remember that you are never expected to lead your GC alone. You are always invited to reach out to Ryan or Tyler as they continue to pray for and walk alongside you in your service and leadership of your people, as well as any other GC Leader at The Well.

Preparation Checklist

In order to help you prepare for this week, here is a list of possible preparations you might think through again before Sunday. However, it is important to note that every group is worshiping together in a similar yet unique way, as the people that make up each of our Gospel Community Groups are unique.

We want you to feel freedom to lead your group. So if you want to sing more/less songs than we have listed or want to spend extended time in prayer or discussion we are more than happy for you to do that. Therefore, not all of the following preparation items will or should apply to you.

  • Think through how you can best follow The Well’s GC Safety Guidelines this week.
  • Share this week’s worship guide– either by printing it out or sending it to your group digitally.
  • Delegate or prepare to Read this week’s Scripture Passage- Psalm 145:1-13
  • Delegate or prepare the elements and presentation of Communion. A simple way to guide your group through taking the elements is by reading Matthew 26:26-29.
  • Delegate or prepare worship through song. A list of this week’s recommended songs are provided below.
  • Gather your Sunday Activity Box provided by The Well Kids- or any other ideas for engaging the children in your GC.

Songs for Worship

1. The Lord Our God

The Lord Our God Lyrics

The Lord Our God Audio

The Lord Our God Number Chart

The Lord Our God Chords- C

2. Bring Your Kingdom

Bring Your Kingdom Lyrics

Bring Your Kingdom Audio

Bring Your Kingdom Number Chart

Bring Your Kingdom Chords- G

3. O Praise The Name (Anástasis)

O Praise The Name Lyrics

O Praise The Name Number Chart

O Praise The Name Chords- A

O Praise The Name Chords- Capo 2-G

Other Resources

Simple Communion Bread Recipe

Why We Need the Call to Worship by Zac Hicks

John Witlivet on Confession