Hey ladies,

Welcome to Week 3 of our Ruth study! For those of you who are just joining us, be sure to check out these posts (Ruth 1 & Ruth 2) to get caught up!

Here are our resources for the week. 

Scripture for the Week: Ruth 3 (to listen to audio version, click on the sound button see image below)

Video Resource: David Platt on Ruth 3: The Risk of Love

By now, I think y’all know the drill! Remember, underneath the video on the bottom right hand corner there is a button labeled “Downloads.” There is a copy of the transcript of the sermon that you can access and read along or mark up if you’d like. 

Additional Online Resources: Like we mentioned in the first email, for your independent study we recommend this commentary and this study journal, although neither are necessary in order for you to participate. 

Zoom Meeting to Discuss Ruth 2&3: This week we’re meeting on Thursday, April 23rd at 8pm for our next discussion. We’ll be talking about both Ruth 2&3.

Meeting Link:


Meeting ID: 940 9576 2706

Password: 1UZwD4

Questions: Each week we’ll be sending out questions you can think through at home. Again, our main goal is to provide structure and encouragement to get into the Word. God’s Word is our primary source, the rest of this is just secondary. But if you have time, these will help guide your reading and application of the text to your life. 

  1. Was there ever a time in your life when you were unsure of your future? Looking back, has the book of Ruth impacted the way you view God moving on your behalf during that season? 
  2. Looking at Boaz in chapter 3, what do we learn about God’s character?
  3. Think about the risks Boaz took on personally to care for Ruth, an outsider. What are some of the risks we take when we love others such as outcasts, the poor, and those who are racially different? (If this is a difficult question, it’s based on Platt’s sermon! So if you haven’t listened, just skip it). 
  4. Why is the risk of love for the sake of the gospel always worth it?
  5. What must we believe about the character of God in order to trust Him as our provider?
  6. How do we see the gospel played out in the story of Ruth and Boaz?

Prayer: Sometimes, when I’m not sure what or how to pray, I’ll pick Psalm and pray through it. These last few weeks, I have found myself without words and so I pick up God’s Word to guide my words. Each week I’ll be sharing a Psalm that I want to encourage you to pray through. When praying Scripture, simply read the passage and pray it back to the Lord. Sometimes I’ll rephrase verses so they fit my current circumstances, or will say something like, “God you said that, ‘___________.’ Lord let it be so here in this circumstance and help my heart to believe it.” 

This week let me encourage you to pray through Psalm 139 and be reminded that the God of the universe knows you and cares for you intimately. Turn to Him with your sorrow, your joys, your every need because He deeply cares for you. 

Alright y’all! Here’s to week 3! 

Miss y’all,